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Wood Fence Rejuvenation

Your Magnolia Wood Fence Rejuvenation Specialists

If you own a home in Magnolia, you know there can be many telling factors that reveal its age. One of these is an old, worn-down fence. If you have an aging property, add some more years to it through wood fence rejuvenation. Wood fence rejuvenation is the process of making an old wooden fence look new again. Unlike metal fences, wood fences can be difficult to clean properly. This results in years of grime and decay buildup. Wood fence rejuvenation gets rid of unsightly dirt and discoloration, so your property can feel alive again. At 4 Springs Services, we are Magnolia pressure washing specialists that are knowledgeable when it comes to wood fence restoration.

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4 Springs Quality Guarantee

4 Springs Services is committed to quality control and complete customer satisfaction. We treat your home like it is ours with the same quality we would trust for our own family. If you are not completely satisfied, we will come back out at no cost until complete satisfaction or your money back.

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Why Should I Bother with Wood Fence Rejuvenation

Old, unkempt wood fences are unsightly. More importantly, they present a risk to your health. Wood left untreated decays over time, especially after repeated exposure to the elements. Decaying wood becomes a hotspot for mold, fungi, and pests and is a hazard for anyone who comes in contact with the fence, including guests, children, and animals. Decaying wood also affects the structure and durability of the fence. Wood fence rejuvenation can allow your fence to last decades longer than it would if left untreated.

Pressure washing allows us to spray away accumulated grime and fungi from a safe distance. Whereas a traditional hose will simply wet the surface, pressure washing strips the surface. This completely removes the layer of filth as opposed to only parts of it.

After a thorough pressure washing, we focus on repairing any damage to the fence, and then we apply a wood preservative to extend its lifetime. Finally, a fresh coat of paint is used to make your fence look brand new. Like our stain removal services, wood fence rejuvenation will bring back your surface's original appearance and boost your property's curb appeal.

Are you interested in wood fence rejuvenation for your home in Magnolia? Feel free to contact us! Ask us about what our low-pressure washing can do to restore your fence and about the other home care services we provide.

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